Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Mabilioni Secondary School is among community secondary school in Tanzania which started December 2008 with the registration number S.3893 . It is established through self scheme by the people of Hedaru ward. Is the school of which the community raises and constructs the basic infrastructures (Mainly building and furniture’s) while the central government supplies teaching staffs, teaching materials and policy management
The school is co-education to the moment with 172 students in which 101 are girls and 71 boys.
However the school has four classroom and incomplete administration block which by the way is used.
The school is located at Mabilioni Village 64 km from Same District headquarter.
Mabilioni Village is located along the main road to Dar es Salaam from Moshi/Arusha.
The first headmaster is Mr.Bakari Nyambwiro who was the head of school at Bemko Secondary school and taught the following school
Ashira Girls (Marangu)
Darajani Sec(marangu)
Umburi sec (Machame)
St. Margareth Girls (Marangu)
Irikisongo Sec(Monduli)
Ndorwe (Usangi)
Bemko( Same)
His excellence mr Mrimi is the second Master of the school who passed at
Same sec, Chanjale Seminary, Hedaru Sec, Mkombozi Sec and Mabilioni by then.
The school has few members of staff these are
Madam Nipael Amani
Mr.George Makura
Mr. Philipo Emmanuel
Madam Ruth Zella
We have security guards
Mr.Ngassa and Mr. Madima

All these people make the group which driving the school to reach its goals, mission and vision to make our motto EDUCATION FOR LIBERATION work!

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